Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs

A Century of Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs.
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Toby and Character Jugs

Toby & Character Jugs of the 20th Century.
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Stephen M. Mullins


Stephen Mullins, a graduate of Dartmouth College and the business school at the University of Michigan, is chairman of a real estate investment firm in Evanston, IL. Mullins began collecting more than 60 years ago when a camp counselor in Canada enticed him with a Royal Doulton brochure to spend the balance of his camp candy allowance, all of nine dollars, to buy six small character jugs. Today the collection numbers over 7,000 and is the largest collection of Toby and Character Jugs in the world. Mullins regularly speaks before meetings and conventions and other interested groups regarding the history of character and Toby Jugs. With David Fastenau, he is the co-author of two books: "Toby & Character Jugs of the 20th Century" and "A Century of Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs" released in 2008. Additionally, Mullins contributed to numerous other books on the subject and is considered an authority on the subject by collectors throughout the world. He is also a national champion and world-medalist master swimmer. Having raised three children, he currently resides in Evanston, Illinois with his wife Carol.

David Fastenau


David Fastenau graduated from Iowa State University and holds an MBA from Santa Clara University. He is currently the director of marketing for a high tech firm in the Silicon Valley of Northern California. Fastenau’s passion for collecting character and Toby Jugs was spurred when he inherited a small collection of Royal Doulton jugs from his grandmother. With these jugs, he set out to learn as much about character and toby jugs as possible. His collection continues to grow, numbering over 800 character and toby jugs. Formerly publisher of Tobies to Tinies, a newsletter for the Toby and character jug enthusiast, he discontinued its publication to research and write Toby & Character Jugs of the 20th Century, his first collaboration with Steve Mullins. Fastenau also has spoken to Questers’ groups, provided references for articles and presented at Royal Doulton conventions. He lives with is wife, Michelle, and five children in Northern California.

Louise Irvine


Louise Irvine is an established lecturer and writer with a special interest in nineteenth and twentieth century ceramics. A graduate in Fine Arts from Edinburgh University, she has written numerous books and articles about Royal Doulton wares and, in 1980, initiated the Royal Doulton International Collectors Club, where she edited and wrote for the quarterly magazine and produced many exhibitions. Irvine lives in London with her husband and son and travels extensively to lecture, organize collectors’ conventions and broadcast on ceramics in the U.S., the U.K. and other countries. She is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on Royal Doulton wares.