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American Toby Jug Museum
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Sandra Lachler
Assistant Curator


The Wilkinson World War II Allied Leaders Collection
Twelve World War II Allied Leaders Toby Jugs conceived and commissioned by the American Toby Jug Museum. < Read More >

Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs













Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs

A Century of Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs
The most comprehensive book ever published on this subject, providing the most extensive information on Royal Doulton jugs ever gathered in a single volume. The text is illustrated with more than 1,600 color photographs. < Read More >

Toby and Character Jugs

Toby and Character Jugs of the 20th Century
The definitive body of research on 20th Century Toby and Character Jug production. Bursting with color, it includes over 1600 photos depicting more than 4,000 toby and character jugs from over 175 different 20th Century potters. < Read More >